Malana - The Little Greece

Set in the far interiors of Himalayas Malana is an isolated village which has managed to retain its socio-cultural characteristics. The people of Malana are believed to be the descendants of the Greek army of Alexander the great. Malana has an autonomous administrative system and is famous for the 'Malana Cream' the most expensive hashish on Amsterdam cannabis menus.


Malana is an elusive region near Manali famous for the 'Malana Cream', a variety of hashish with the highest oil content. Malana is accessible via three routes. The trek trail over Chandrakhani pass is the most popular amongst trekkers and the exit from Malana is via Jari about an hours walk from Malana and a two hours drive from Kullu
Malana Dos and Don'ts

The people of Malana are friendly but outsiders are told to keep distance and not to touch anything in the village. Photography in Malana is allowed but not videography.

Shrine of Renuka Devi

The shrine of Renuka Devi is situated in lower Malana. The Shrine with its intricate woodwork is noteworthy for its architectural excellence. Horns of animals sacrificed is fixed on the temple facade.

Legend of Manikaran

Malana is divided into two - upper Malana (Dhara Beda) and lower Malana (Sor Beda). The shrine of Renuka Devi is situated in lower Malana. Except for two families of Lohars and Julahas who came to the village as drummers and were allowed to settle, Malana is believed to be inhabited by the descendants of soldiers of Alexander the great. Houses in Malana are of two or three storeys and typically the top floor with an over hanging balcony, called pati is the living quarter. Kanashi is the language of Malana.
Malana Village Council

Malana has a democratic set up and the village council is called Hakima and consists of Goor, Pujari and Kardar representing higher court and Jestha the lower court. The council has eight elected member and a Goor a person possessed by the spirit of Jamlu devta.
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